• Excellence without ability to communicate is worthless
    in every endeavour.
  • The great thing about teamwork is that you have
    others on your side.
  • Efficiency tends to deal with things. Effectiveness tends to deal with people.
    We manage things and support people.
  • We identify the problems in order to find the solutions!
  • We reduce the business risk.
  • We enhance business by introducing simple rules.


What do business people say about inspection oversight

29.11.2017. 00h

Second focus group – open discussions with business people about inspections and the Law on Inspection Oversight...

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Focus group with representatives of republic and local inspectors

2.11.2017. 00h

In an open discussions with inspectors, we have come up with possible solutions for improving the Law on Inspection Oversight...

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Research… is inspection oversight in Serbia functional

31.10.2017. 00h

In order to improve the Law on Inspection Oversight and enhance the work of inspections, we are conducting a research on the implementation of the Law. The findings of the research will serve as a goo...

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Public presentation of the results of the Survey of presidents of assemblies and councils of tenants in Vračar

14.4.2016. 00h

Belgrade Municipality of Vračar and OPTIMUS - Center for Good Governance organized on 31 March 2016 a public presentation for the presidents of assemblies and councils of tenants from the municipal t...

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OPTIMUS new address

8.4.2016. 00h

Dear colleagues and friends, Please be informed that OPTIMUS is on new address as of 1 April 2016. Our new contacts are as follows:...

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