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Public presentation of the results of the Survey of presidents of assemblies and councils of tenants in Vračar

14.4.2016. 00h

Belgrade Municipality of Vračar and OPTIMUS - Center for Good Governance organized on 31 March 2016 a public presentation for the presidents of assemblies and councils of tenants from the municipal territory.

Public presentation was attended by 64 presidents of assemblies and councils of tenants. On that occasion, OPTIMUS presented results of the Survey of opinions, attitudes and perceptions of presidents of assemblies and councils of tenants on current state of management, operation and maintenance of residential buildings on the Vračar territory. In addition, OPTIMUS presented prepared proposals for improving the Draft Law on Housing and Building Maintenance, as well as recommendations for the successful implementation of the Law, after its adoption and entry into force.

On this occasion, attendees emphasized the shortcomings of the Draft Law, but also presented the difficulties that will follow in its implementation, such as charging fees for regular and investment maintenance, registering owners and renters, lack of awareness and understanding of tenants, but also very poor financial situation among citizens. During this constructive discussion, presidents highlighted the need for municipal support in improving management and maintenance of buildings and in the implementation of the new law, which is expected to be adopted in the next few months.

"In addition to solving operational problems, it has been shown that it is necessary to raise public awareness about the fact that the care for quality of housing is a common need and shared responsibility. The Survey showed that the presidents of assemblies and councils of tenants are willing to participate in trainings on building management, and that there is a need for the support of the Municipality of Vračar, especially in the field of normative regulation in this area, but also during the maintenance works in buildings. We are already thinking on how to organize local administration in order to be as efficient as possible in supporting your work", said Aleksandra Jovanović, Member of the Municipal Council.

The public presentation is part of the project "Better Housing in Vračar", implemented by the Municipality of Vračar and OPTIMUS - Center for Good Governance within the UNDP program "Improving Service Delivery at the Local Level." More about the Project can be found at http://www.optimus.org.rs/projekti_vr.php.