• Excellence without ability to communicate is worthless
    in every endeavour.
  • The great thing about teamwork is that you have
    others on your side.
  • Efficiency tends to deal with things. Effectiveness tends to deal with people.
    We manage things and support people.
  • We identify the problems in order to find the solutions!
  • We reduce the business risk.
  • We enhance business by introducing simple rules.



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About OPTIMUS - Center for Good Governance

OPTIMUS is an organization established to contribute to improving the investment climate and business environment in Serbia and Western Balkan Region. We believe in better business through simplicity and we are adding value with our expertise and efforts to this vision.

OPTIMUS' experts have a significant and broad experience, comprehensive knowledge and demonstrated achievements in the field of regulatory reform, better service delivery and in different aspects of private sector development and improving public administration at national, province and local level.

Given increase of investment and improvement of public administration as our main goals, our focal topics of interest are analytical review of regulations and relevant changes needed for easier and more encouraging business environment. Our focus is also on support to business organizations and SME sector.

We strongly believe that "smart" regulations present crucial framework for “healthy” business. Nevertheless, overregulation is proven to be dangerous and tends to put at risk private initiative and investment plans. Therefore, our goal is to reduce administrative burden and create, share and apply better regulation tools.

For additional information about OPTIMUS and possibility of cooperation, please feel free to contact us.


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