• Excellence without ability to communicate is worthless
    in every endeavour.
  • The great thing about teamwork is that you have
    others on your side.
  • Efficiency tends to deal with things. Effectiveness tends to deal with people.
    We manage things and support people.
  • We identify the problems in order to find the solutions!
  • We reduce the business risk.
  • We enhance business by introducing simple rules.


Reduction of Fees and Taxes Suggested at the Third Work Group Meeting Held in Gornji Milanovac

31.7.2014. 00h

The Third Project's Work group meeting in Gornji Milanovac, at which recommendations for reduction and elimination of some of the fees and taxes, was held on Thursday 17 July 2014. As the result of ad...

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Presentation of the Protocol on Cooperation in Kraljevo

21.7.2014. 00h

Establishment of the ones-stop shop, which will create significant time and money savings for the clients, demands good coordination between the City and public utilities that participate in the proce...

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“Ex officio Obtaining of Documentation” training held in Loznica

11.7.2014. 00h

OPTIMUS – Center for Good Governance organized training in the Loznica City Administration directed to the Work group members, heads of the City Administration public employees and coordinators of t...

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Legal Acts Adopted in Loznica

1.7.2014. 00h

All legal acts enabling faster and less complicated implementation of administrative procedures, further implementation of regulatory reform, the principles of RIA and the introduction of the e-regist...

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Signed Protocol on Cooperation between the City of Loznica, Republic Geodetic Authority, Electric Power Distribution and seven public utilities and institutions

27.6.2014. 00h

Favorable business environment inevitably draws local and foreign investments and represents one of the most important prerequisites for the local economic development. At the same time, business burd...

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