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Training for the City officials in Kraljevo

6.12.2012. 00h

The training on regulatory reform and preparation of inventory of administrative procedures within the Project “Improving Environment for Businesses through Regulatory Reform” was held on 4th and 5th of December in Kraljevo. The training was held for the City Working Group and engaged officials.

Importance of the Project for citizens and business community in Kraljevo was stressed by Jelena Bekcic-Lukovic, Deputy Head of the City Administration. She said that implementation of the regulatory reform would lead to more efficient, qualitative and transparent services provided by the City. Business sector would specially benefit from the Project implementation, because the requirements related to planning and construction, property and legal affairs and other business related processes would be solved more rapidly.
Two-day training was attended by members of the newly formed Working group and other public employees who will be actively engaged in the Project. After a presentation of the Project itself, OPTIMUS’ team presented the methodology and phases of the envisaged Project. Special attention was devoted to the first phase - preparing an inventory of administrative procedures, explaining in details roles and responsibilities of engaged public employees.

Positive results which are expected at the end of the Project have provoked interest of the participants, having in mind that they themselves are often clients of the City Administration. This is one more reason why they are personally interested to simplify administrative procedures and increase the effectiveness of local administration. Special discussion was conducted on obtaining the documentation, ex officio, required by the law, but in practice rarely used. Participants agree that this procedure facilitates the parties, but that the administration does not have sufficient technical and human capacity to exchange documents between departments.

At the end of the training, Marina Jankovic, the Head of the Working Team for Regulatory Reform in Nis, presented an example of good practice for this project is 2009-2010. implemented in the City of Niš. The Working Group was formed in order to ensure high quality decisions and actions in the future, taking into account costs and waiting time for businesses and citizens, as well as updating and monitoring of the electronic Register of administrative procedures. The similar plan for Kraljevo is to establish a special body that would ensure the sustainability of the Project, and therefore ensure long-term improvement of economic environment.