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OPTIMUS participates in delivery of trainings on using the software application for issuing construction permits

19.2.2016. 00h

Construction reform, which started with amending the Serbian Law on Planning and Construction (2014), introduced the electronic Unified Procedure (i.e. One-stop-shop) in the process of issuing construction permits and registering property rights, as of 01 January 2016. It has been continued with the support to relevant entities in the implementation of the centralized software. Provision of trainings on using the software, which began in mid-December 2015 with the support of USAID BEP, continued in mid-January 2016, through a series of trainings, organized by the National Alliance for Local Economic Development. The goal is to train app. 3,000 participants in the Unified Procedure.

Director of OPTIMUS, Sladjana Karavdić Kočević, is one of the trainers conducting practical trainings on software usage on a weekly basis. Training participants come from the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, the Provincial Secretariat for Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection, local governments and holders of public authorities (public utility companies, Cadastre and other organizations). Two-day training provides theoretical and practical knowledge in order to familiarize participants with the way of using the Unified Procedure software and enable them to work independently.

The training covers topics such as: general functionality of the software application, electronic process of issuing location permit, construction permit, usage permit and permits defined in the Article 145 of the Law, as well as other processes and software elements. Web application for the Unified Procedure implementation, which is located on the server of the Serbian Business Registration Agency, presents an electronic, publicly available database which is applied in the decision-making process based on the requests submitted by citizens and businesses from the entire territory of Serbia.

Mrs. Kočević became a certified trainer, after successful attendance of the Training of Trainers, organized by the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, in collaboration with donors and other organizations, in December 2015.