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What do results of the Survey of presidents of assemblies and councils of tenants from the Belgrade Municipality of Vračar say

11.2.2016. 00h

Belgrade Municipality of Vračar and OPTIMUS - Center for Good Governance conducted a Survey of presidents of assemblies and councils of tenants from the municipal territory. The reasons for conducting the Survey stem from issues in managing and maintaining residential buildings in condominium ownership, which are not adequately defined in present regulatory framework, and require comprehensive reform and improvement. This Survey intends to locate places where it is possible to improve the current practice at the local level, formulate regulatory and institutional recommendations, and focus attention on launching the change in order to contribute to the improvement of housing and maintenance of residential buildings on the territory of the Municipality of Vračar.

Out of total 1,708 registered assemblies and councils of tenants in the Municipality of Vračar, 317 assemblies and councils were invited to participate. Total 124 presidents of assemblies and councils of tenants were involved in the Survey, making turnout of 39.12%. Of these, 113 presidents filled the Questionnaire at the workshops, organized in municipal premises, while 11 of them completed the questionnaire online.

Presidents of assemblies and councils of tenants were surveyed on topics such as: current state of the assembly / council of tenants functioning, current state of the building, current legislation and the new draft Law on Housing and Building Maintenance, cooperation with the Municipality, and needed support for assemblies and councils of tenants.

The Survey results confirm the need to improve the field of maintenance and management of buildings through comprehensive reform action, which should provide legal, institutional, financial, professional and organizational conditions for introducing significantly clearer rules and mechanisms, and improving management and maintenance practices.

The Survey shows that the current framework for operation of assemblies and councils of tenants is inadequate, and relations between owners unregulated due to a lack of awareness of obligations and responsibilities for the common parts of buildings, inadequate management of buildings, but also very poor financial situation among citizens. Also, as a result of past socialist time, there is a lack of knowledge among presidents of assemblies and councils of tenants in the area of managing the buildings, which is vital to improve for successful maintenance system.

Complete Survey results can be found in its Report here .

The Survey was part of Initiative "Better Housing in Vračar" within the Project "Improvement of Service Delivery at the Local Level", implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Municipality of Vračar. Initiative "Better Housing in Vračar" is implemented by the Municipality of Vračar and OPTIMUS - Center for Good Governance. More about the Initiative can be found here.