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OPTIMUS provides support to Ombudsman

29.11.2015. 00h

The Project "Strengthening the capacity of the Ombudsman to launch legislative initiatives in cooperation with civil society", funded by the British Embassy in Serbia, aims to contribute to improved legal framework for the protection of human rights, in accordance with relevant international standards and EU acquis. The Project will contribute to strengthening the role of the Ombudsman, as national institution for the human rights protection, establishing coordinated cooperation between the Ombudsman and civil society and to enhancing the role and influence of civil sector on national policy and legislation in the field of human rights.

OPTIMUS - Center for Good Governance is one of 19 civil society organizations, which will be engaged at monitoring of legislative initiatives and submitting analysis of draft laws and bylaws in pre-defined areas to the Ombudsman. Based on expert analysis, the Ombudsman will submit opinions on draft laws and amendments to laws in parliamentary procedure, and run other types of legislative initiatives.

The Project will administratively be managed by the Human Rights House. The Project will last until the end of 2016.