• Excellence without ability to communicate is worthless
    in every endeavour.
  • The great thing about teamwork is that you have
    others on your side.
  • Efficiency tends to deal with things. Effectiveness tends to deal with people.
    We manage things and support people.
  • We identify the problems in order to find the solutions!
  • We reduce the business risk.
  • We enhance business by introducing simple rules.
They said about us

Isabel Perich, Director of Cooperation, Swiss Cooperation Office Serbia

"OPTIMUS has a comparative advantage of being led by experts with significant experience, in-depth knowledge and shown accomplishments in regulatory reform at the local level in Serbia, but also in other Western Balkan countries and outside the region."

Gabriela Schafroth, Deputy Director, Swiss Cooperation Office in Serbia

"Serbia has passed a promising new Law, but that only represents the first important step. This pioneering endeavor is a result of the continued support that our partners, the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities and OPTIMUS – Center for Good Governance, have provided in form of advice for improving the new Serbian Law on Planning and Construction."

Djordje Staničić, General Secretary, Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities

"We maintained an excellent relationship with OPTIMUS who showed to be cooperative and professional partner in challenging environment. OPTIMUS management and the team demonstrated high level expertise and strong capacity in implementing the project and meeting the needs of local administrations and the private sector."

Milisav Mirković, Mayor of the Municipality of Gornji Milanovac

"For a long time we have not implemented joint project that successfully. We never had a problem, and the improvement of our work is already noticed in some areas. We are not in a mood to finish cooperation with OPTIMUS with the project completion. We expect your invitation to collaborate on future projects."

Goran Cvetanović, Mayor of the City of Leskovac

"I hereby wish to thank OPTIMUS for an excellent cooperation and for the expert support in the implementation of the project "Improving business environment at the local level through regulatory reform." Members of OPTIMUS team, together with employees of the City of Leskovac, participated not only in the project implementation, but also in reforming the work of the city administration and its staff. Such progress would not have been possible if not having daily cooperation with OPTIMUS team, carrying out "learning by doing" and attending a series of professional trainings."

"This is one of the best projects we have implemented so far, thanks to which we have become available to citizens and we improved our service."

Slavko Lukić, Director of the Regional Development Agency Zlatibor (RDAZ)

"OPTIMUS successfully contributed to an efficient execution of new public sector responsibilities brought up by the new Law and related bylaws. Its team showed high level commitment and expertise in supporting local officials from Čajetina and responding to their needs. RDAZ finds OPTIMUS as reliable partner, with proactive approach and abilities to deal with demanding tasks."

Božidar Vučković, Member of the City Council, City of Leskovac

"At the time of the regulatory reform, there was a halt in the operation of a one-stop-shop that was established in Leskovac within the framework of the EU Progres. Deadlock existed in communication between administrative bodies and holders of public powers. In order to eliminate this problem OPTIMUS provided the trainings to employees in the administration and public enterprises, and I can tell you that at that moment some officials firstly opened the software installed 2 years before. Also, it was important for us to establish obtaining documents ex officio and I can tell you that everyone, except the Power Supply, respect deadlines today. I believe that expert support provided by OPTIMUS is a model of how we can help ourselves where we lack expertise"

Meho Mahmutović, Mayor of the City of Novi Pazar

"OPTIMUS has been working with representatives of the City Administration for more than a year. So far, a lot has been done and you will have a complete support from me and my associates to ensure the sustainability of the project. This project is particularly important for us because in this way we are becoming fast and efficient City Administration and that is exactly what we want to achieve. OPTIMUS representatives are professionals who work very well on this matter."

Irina Burka Parčetić, Head of the City Administration in Sombor (at the time of the Project implementation)

This is the first project to be implemented in the City of Sombor where the benefits were presented adequately both to politicians and officials. Representatives of the OPTIMUS equally work with officers who do their part of job with eager and see the benefits at each phase of the process.